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Let there be Light.
Fire to Inspire,
               ~Fire for Hire
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group  lessons coming up!
Interested? Email ouiareone2@yahoo.


Ram Das is currently offering private lessons. 
for details.

Uplift yourself this autumn and join group poi lessons! Inquire with Ram Das at for details and to sign up. Space is limited. Come learn poi and have fun this autumn!


Autumn, 05
Breath of Fire first offers lessons.

12/05 Encanto Park, Phoenix. Fire and Light Show. Private Party

12/3/05 Troupe Member Ram Das takes off for her month long Parisian adventure... Happy Spinning to you in Pari' Blessed Travels. Performed La Fete De Lumiere, Lyon, France.

3/4/06 BOF starts performances at First Fridays- Soul Invictus Gallery and Theatre, near 11 Ave. and Grand Ave.

3/24-25/06 BOF performs at Art Detour. Soul Invictus, near 11 Ave. and Grand Ave.
5/6/06 Fundraiser Party. 8pm. Come All!
6/12/06 Classes with the Girl Scouts at South Mountain. Camp performance at 8:30pm. 6/17/06 BOF performs with Sat Kartar and Friends at Peace Prayer Day. Jemez Mountains, Northern New Mexico.
8/27/06 Quinceaneras, Mesa, AZ. Private Party.
9/22/06 Interfaith Council Conference. Tempe, AZ. Private. 10/18/06 Khalsa Montessori Parent- Teacher Mixer. Private.
11/9/06 Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, MAC. Opening week of Molten Exhibit. Mesa, AZ.
12/17/06-Winter's Light, Commuity Church, College Drive, Tempe, AZ. Open to public.

1/13/07- Moms and Children's Gathering. Private Party. 1/27/07 Poi Spinning Workshops: ~Children's (8yo+) Workshop ($20) 12pm-2pm; ~Adult workshop($25) 2:30pm-4:30pm in the Corondado District. RSVP 5/18/07- Breath of Fire Poi Spinning Graduation Party. Coronado District. Call for details. 5-19-07 Backyard Party. Phoenix. Private Home. 6/2/07 Breath of Fire with Kara Kay @ Hawaiian Luau, Paradise Valley. Private Home. 6/9/07- Graduation Party. Chandler. Private Home. 7/14/07- Friendship House. Glendale. October 20, 2007. Desert Pirate Party. Paradise Valley. Private. 11/2/07- Phoenix Downtown, YMCA First Fridays. Open event. 11/10/07- Big 40 Celebrate Your Life Party. Phoenix. Call for Details. Student Recital. 11/22/07-Phoenix. Private show 12/16/07-Tempe, AZ. Winter's Light. College Community Church welcomes back BOF. Call for details.

4/26/08-North Phoenix. Hawaiian Birthday. Private Residence. 6/15/08- Elle Wood's Party. Private Residence. Fountain Hills. 9/20/08-11 Days of Universal Peace. Unity Church, Chandler, AZ. 7pm. 10/15/08-Khalsa Montessori School. 12/08-Winter's Light, College Community Church, Tempe, AZ

2/7/09- First Fridays. Paisley Violin, merchant's open house.
4/26/09- Ugandan School Fundraiser, Taliesen.
10/10/09-Davali Celebration, Private Home, Ahwatukee 10/24/09-Armand's Birthday, Chandler, Private Residance 11/05/09-Khalsa Parent-Teacher Mixer 11/06/09-Recital at Lisa's. Call for details.
12/09-Winter's Light, Commuity Church, College Drive, Tempe, AZ. Open to public.

4/10/10- Cottonwood, AZ. Comedy, Magic and Fire. with "Oh My" Robert Ray. Come see Magicians, Music and Fire by Breath of Fire at 7:30pm.
4/21/10 Marriot Spa Hawaiian Luncheon. Employee Event.
5/8/10 Lisa's NP Hawaiian Luau Graduation Party. Private.
10/16/10- Armand's Island Birthday Party, featuring magician Robert Ray and Breath of Fire. Hoag Island, Chandler. Private 10/20/10- Khalsa Montessori Schools. 10/23/10- Davali Light Celebration. Awatukee. Private.
11/5/10- Student Poi Recital. Dugan's Palace. Call for details.
12/19/10- College Community Church Winter's Light. Tempe. All Welcome!

5/6/11- Student Poi Rectial. Dugan's Bungalow. Email for details.
5/27/11- Alehandra's Graduation Party. Phoenix Preserve. Private.
6/3/11- Trinity Cathedral Church (1st Avenue and Roosevelt) with Rhythm Is Life drum band on the labyrinth. Open to public. 8pm
10/11/11- Cynthia's Birthday Party. Private. 10/12/11- Khalsa Montessori School Mixer. 11/5/11- Autumn Student Poi Recital. Dugan Bungalow. Email for details.
12/3/11 - Winter Faire. Desert Marigold Waldorf School. 1-3pm. Open to public.
12/11/11- Marcea's Tribute Fire Spin. The Homestead at sunset.
12/22/11 - Winter Solstice Celebration. Open to the public. 7pm Unity of Divine Love at Chandler 325 S. Austin Dr. Chandler, AZ. Tickets online.

11/7/12- Student poi recital. Dugan's.
12/16/12- Winter's Light Solstice Celebration. College Community Church, Tempe. All are welcome. 7pm.

11/11/13-student poi recital. Dugan's.
12/22/13- Winter's Light Solstice Celebration. College Community Church, Tempe.

11/1/14- Student poi recital. Phoenix.

11/1/14- Couples Celebration.  Chandler. Private.

is a Fire Poi Dance Troupe based in Phoenix, Arizona.  'Poi' are a traditional Maori dance prop from New Zealand and has given rise to a contemporary style of spinning popular all over the world. Fire Poi, also called Fire Twirling or Fire Spinning is the art of dancing with lit wicks that are attached to chains. The lit wicks create infinite patterns. Poi Spinning tones the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and is a great way to have fun.

Poi originated centuries ago in New Zealand by the Maori People.  They used fireless poi to strengthen their endurance for hunting and increase finger dexterity for basket weaving.

LEARN TO SPIN POI: BOF celebrates its 9th year of teaching and performing fire poi dancing. Private and group lessons are available with Ram Das (Julie Rasmussen). Private lessons are available for multiple sessions and provide one on one instruction with Ram Das. Email for details. ~ Group lessons resume autumn of 2015. Each group session includes a student poi recital that embraces first time poi spinners in a supportive environment with only invited family and friends in the audience. Each student has the option to choose a performance song and choreograph their routine. Email to discuss lesson arrangements.
Learn poi and improve your health: one student states"spinning poi helped me quit smoking".

(Ram Das has been teaching and performing poi in Arizona and internationally since 2005.  She received her KRI Yoga Teacher's Certification in 2000, and an RN by profession).

Breath of Fire will dazzle your guests with an exotic and stunning fire poi performance.  BOF performances are available for a variety of events and celebrations. Mediums used are fire and LED poi, fire fans, fire and LED/fire staff. Email us at,     


Our mission is to uplift, inspire, & spread Light.  Passion permeates our performances and classes. We LOVE spinning fire. 

Student and Audience Quotes:

"The dynamic between the performers creates a flow so strong that the audience is touched".   ~Audience observer 

 "As a teacher she is patient, kind and extremely skillful.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have studied with Ram Das".    ~ Liz, 2008 student



Contact  Breath of Fire email:

Shine On!

Breath of Fire at Mesa Art Center, 2006.

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